Better than high school, not quite vacation, but you never forget the people.


Been there, done that. I think I got that shirt last year.


Tanned, Rested, Ready.


Never said never.


Gone fishin?


Go for the sunsets, stay for NG life.


Life is like a newsgroup. One the day you think you have it all, next morning itís reindexed.


Same attitude with better pay.




If my kill file could talk


I know it was fixed. I think they broke it again.


I donít do smiley faces.


This attitude may wrap.


This idea may wrap.


Iím not retired, but I do like the hours better.


I donít know. I just woke up one day with a family.


Iím guess I was confused, thatís called a billable hour?


Please reply to the group.


My issues were never fixed in the next release.


I finally found a workaround.


Ignore the post, but check out the reply!




Tried that. Didnít work.






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